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Industrial Wall Lights And Bulkheads

We reclaim wall-mounted lights from disused factories, naval bulkheads and industrial yards, and restore them for everyday use. Often, these include hemispherical, prismatic and swan-neck fittings, as well as adjustable machinists’ lamps.

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1950s wall lights by GEC

Retro British wall lights with a moulded wall enclosure and opaline globe.

Quantity Remaining: 12

Reclaimed flame-proof wall light by REVO

An early industrial wall light by REVO salvaged from one of the decommissioned Rolls-Royce factory buildings in Derby.

Quantity Remaining: 1

Industrial wall lights by G.E.C.

Oxidised 1950s wall light salvaged from the Rolls-Royce buildings in Derby, UK.

Quantity Remaining: 4

Reclaimed Czech factory wall lights

Industrial circular bulkhead lights salvaged from a factory in the former Czechoslovakia.

Quantity Remaining: 39

Salvaged Czechoslovakian machinists light

Salvaged Czechoslovakian wall mounted machinists light with its the original surface finish.

Quantity Remaining: 1

Salvaged prismatic bulkheads (L)

Imposing cast steel bulkheads with original prismatic glass lens, circa 1950.

Quantity Remaining: 28

Salvaged prismatic bulkheads (M)

1950s Cast steel bulkheads with their original prismatic glass lens.

Quantity Remaining: 6

Reclaimed German cargo ship lights

Salvaged prismatic glass and polished aluminium naval lights from the passageways of German cargo ships.

Quantity Remaining: 20

Vintage 1930s machinist light by EDL

A salvaged early 1930s British work light by British company EDL.

Quantity Remaining: 1

Salvaged British bulkheads by REVO

Industrial 1950s prismatic wall or ceiling lights by REVO.

Quantity Remaining: 20

Salvaged Czech bulkheads

Bulkhead lights salvaged from Czechoslovakia with polished aluminium enclosures and etched glass.

Quantity Remaining: 8

Vintage Czech glass lights (V1)

1960s Eastern Bloc glass surface mounted lights. Opaline white enclosures with a graphic moulded detailing.

Quantity Remaining: 20

Vintage Czech glass wall lights (V2)

1960s Eastern Bloc glass surface mounted lights. Opal matt white enclosures with a moulded detailing.

Quantity Remaining: 11

Eastern Bloc wall lights (L)

Large Eastern Bloc prismatic bulkhead lights with angled mounting. Linished and lacquered steel enclosure with prismatic glass lens.

Quantity Remaining: 62

Eastern Bloc rectilinear bulkheads

Eastern Bloc prismatic rectilinear bulkhead lights with angled mounting. Linished and lacquered steel enclosure with prismatic glass lens.

Quantity Remaining: 30

Antique Helioray mirrored wall lights

Original shop window lighting manufactured by 'Helioray' with a mirror backed glass reflector.

Quantity Remaining: 2

Period hallway lighting

Opaline glass globes and period polished copper galleries. Circa 1950.

Quantity Remaining: 2

British mirrored glass wall lights

Original shop window lighting from the 1930s with a mirror backed glass shade and swan neck wall bracket.

Quantity Remaining: 2

Reclaimed bulkheads by Coughtrie (L)

Large 1950s bulkhead lights by 'Coughtrie of Glasgow'.

Quantity Remaining: 10

Vintage British bulkheads by Coughtrie

1950s bulkhead lights by 'Coughtrie of Glasgow' with the original manufactures branding.

Quantity Remaining: 14

Reclaimed Polish tram lights. Circa 1960

Vintage lights salvaged from decommissioned Polish trams, originally installed within the Konstal 13N tram.

Quantity Remaining: 7

Reclaimed English bulkheads by Lacent

Cast steel 1930s British bulkheads by Lacent with cast markers marks.

Quantity Remaining: 7

Retro wall lights

Vintage converted wall lights by 'Belling', originally used to warm the bed using the heat from filament lamps.

Quantity Remaining: 2

Eastern Bloc fluorescent (V1)

Refined industrial Eastern Bloc fluorescent fittings. Circa 1960.

Quantity Remaining: 2

Retro 1960s Czech wall lights

Moulded glass and porcelain based Czechoslovakian 1960 wall lights.

Quantity Remaining: 14

Porcelain and glass globes

Substantial run of clear glass globes with porcelain bases. Circa 1950.

Quantity Remaining: 3

Vintage works yard lights by REVO

Imposing works yard lights with substantial wall mounting, with original manufacturers marks.

Quantity Remaining: 2

Retro prismatic bulkheads

Polished aluminium and prismatic glass bulkhead wall lights by Coughtrie.

Quantity Remaining: 2

Vintage cargo ship lighting

Vintage naval bulkhead by 'Oceanic' Circa 1950. Salvaged from a decommissioned US cargo ship in India.

Quantity Remaining: 1

US traffic lights (Type 4)

Suspended American traffic lights by 'Eagle Star' with polished aluminium enclosures and new etched diffusion glass fitted. Circa 1950.

Quantity Remaining: 3

Industrial wall lights by Simplex

Prismatic English bulkheads by 'Simplex' circa 1960.

Quantity Remaining: 7