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  • 1960s vintage german cargo ship bulkheads
    Reclaimed German cargo ship lights
    Quantity Remaining: 46
    Unit Price: £200.00 (ex. VAT) £240.00 (inc. VAT)
  • hungarian opaline and porcelain period pendant lights
    Opaline period lighting (Type 1M1)
    Quantity Remaining: 8
    Unit Price: £145.00 (ex. VAT) £174.00 (inc. VAT)
  • 1950s vintage british street light with prismatic glass by ELECO
    British street light by ELECO. Circa 1950
    Quantity Remaining: 1
    Unit Price: £480.00 (ex. VAT) £576.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Eastern Bloc pendant lights
    Quantity Remaining: 10
    Unit Price: £240.00 (ex. VAT) £288.00 (inc. VAT)
  • British factory light by Wardle
    Quantity Remaining: 1
    Unit Price: £165.00 (ex. VAT) £198.00 (inc. VAT)
  • green grey enamel industrial pendant light
    Vintage pendant lighting by Thorlux
    Quantity Remaining: 7
    Unit Price: £240.00 (ex. VAT) £288.00 (inc. VAT)
  • british green factory light with white internal surface
    Industrial lighting by Thorlux
    Quantity Remaining: 4
    Unit Price: £380.00 (ex. VAT) £456.00 (inc. VAT)
  • industrial white factory enamel with steel gallery
    Hungarian factory shades. Circa 1940 (MK2)
    Quantity Remaining: 4
    Unit Price: £200.00 (ex. VAT) £240.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Retro table light. Circa 1950
    Quantity Remaining: 1
    Unit Price: £380.00 (ex. VAT) £456.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Angled factory shades
    Quantity Remaining: 5
    Unit Price: £225.00 (ex. VAT) £270.00 (inc. VAT)
  • vintage herbert and terry anglepoise desk light
    Vintage table lamp by 'Herbert Terry & Sons of Redditch'
    Quantity Remaining: 1
    Unit Price: £380.00 (ex. VAT) £456.00 (inc. VAT)
  • period opaline glass hungarian pendant
    Hungarian Period Pendant Lighting (Type 4)
    Quantity Remaining: 3
    Unit Price: £185.00 (ex. VAT) £222.00 (inc. VAT)

Selection of current lighting stock.

Vintage Lighting Shop

One-off finds, salvaged lighting treasures & iconic design rediscovered.

Steeped in history and expertly restored, Skinflint shines a spotlight on beautiful lighting. From 1940s British industrial lighting reclaimed and repurposed for your home, to runs of 1970s German railway shades for your restaurant renovation project, everything in our constantly changing stock has a story to tell. What’s more, our diverse range of services ensure whatever your lighting idea, we can bring it to life. With next day dispatches to anywhere in the UK and international shipping options to over 250 countries worldwide, wherever you are, we can deliver. 

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Reclaimed Lighting

At Skinflint, sourcing original vintage lighting is just the beginning…

Military runways, Eastern Bloc factories, Victorian theatres, school buildings and asylums. Wherever we’ve salvaged our lights from, every Skinflint product goes through a variety of processes to get it from the worn and sometimes dilapidated state it arrives in, to a stage when it’s ready for your project – looking great and in line with modern safety and environmental standards, while still full of character and fascinating stories to tell.


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