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Raw, Reclaimed Lights

You can see the history of each reclaimed light in our RAW range. The worn finish tells a story, so we’ve preserved it, just as it was found – giving real character, and a unique conversation piece. But beneath the aged exterior we’ve been working hard: patiently restoring each piece by hand to ensure your light meets all the modern standards, and works perfectly for years to come.

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US paratrooper pendants (V1)

Salvaged green enamel pendants used by the US Army in 1943 during WWII.

Quantity Remaining: 73

Salvaged Czechoslovakian machinists light

Salvaged Czechoslovakian wall mounted machinists light with its the original surface finish.

Quantity Remaining: 1

Salvaged Eastern Bloc lighting (V1)

Unusual run of mottled conical Eastern Bloc lights constructed from an industrial derivative of Bakelite.

Quantity Remaining: 19

XL Soviet factory pendants

Vitreous enamel large factory shades salvaged from the former CCCP.

Quantity Remaining: 10

XL Explosion proof pendant lighting by Victor

Industrial pendant lights by Victor, originally designed for use in the mining industry. Circa 1950.

Quantity Remaining: 11

XS Industrial Soviet pendant lights (V2)

Salvaged 1960s pendant lighting from a Soviet industrial site. Original worn grey painted steel enclosure with prismatic glass well.

Quantity Remaining: 2

XS Industrial Soviet pendants (V1)

Salvaged pendant lighting from a Soviet industrial sites circa 1960.

Quantity Remaining: 1

EX MOD marine marker Lights

Early run of British Navy man overboard marker lights by 'Londex Limited' and dated 1958. Converted into attractive suspended feature lights.

Quantity Remaining: 1

Industrial Soviet pendant lights

Salvaged pendant lighting from factories in the former CCCP. Original worn green enclosures with prismatic glass well. Circa 1960s.

Quantity Remaining: 10

Industrial Eastern Bloc worklights

Salvaged worklights from the former Czechoslovakia with a worn factory finish and flared protection cage.

Quantity Remaining: 5

Soviet era industrial factory lighting

Soviet industrial lighting salvaged from factories in the former CCCP. Circa 1960.

Quantity Remaining: 11

Antique Helioray mirrored wall lights

Original shop window lighting manufactured by 'Helioray' with a mirror backed glass reflector.

Quantity Remaining: 2

Czech industrial lighting

Industrial pendant lights from Czechoslovakia. Substantial lamp enclosure and glass dome with the original worn factory finish.

Quantity Remaining: 8

Czech Army field light pendants

Decommissioned Czechoslovakian Army field lamps with their original worn factory finish.

Quantity Remaining: 27

Opaline period lighting (Type 1)

Opaline globes with porcelain and cast iron galleries salvaged from a glassworks in Hungary.

Quantity Remaining: 1