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Industrial Lights Archive

Over the years, we’ve found and restored well over a thousand kinds of vintage industrial lighting. Behind each one, there’s a story – and a great deal of hard work. Our archive has grown into a gallery of historic lighting; please feel free to browse and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

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Vintage church wall lights (V2)

1950s salvaged wall lights from St Barnabas church in Bethnal Green.

Reclaimed pendant lighting by Thorlux

A large run of salvaged vitreous enamelled shades by Thorlux, originally installed in John Lewis stock warehouses. Circa 1950.

Porcelain and glass German wall light

A minimalist wall light salvaged from an industrial site within the former eastern bloc. Circa 1940.

Porcelain and glass globes

Substantial run of clear glass globes with porcelain bases. Circa 1950.

German medical lamp

Vintage 1960s German converted medical lamp by ‘Thelta Sonne'.

Suspension chain: 4mm LONG Zinc Plated (1000mm)

Vintage Czech opaline lights (V2)

1950s opaline glass lights with bakelite enclosures salvaged from the former Czechoslovakia.

Industrial pendant lighting. Circa 1950 (W)

1950s vintage British industrial vitreous enamelled shades with a lower rolled rim detail.

Reclaimed English bulkheads by Lacent

Cast steel 1930s British bulkheads by Lacent with cast markers marks.

Soviet industrial factory lighting

Soviet industrial lighting salvaged from factories in the former CCCP. Circa 1960.

Vintage table lamp by Herbert Terry & Sons Redditch

Original 'Anglepoise 1209' desk lamp by Herbert Terry & Sons Redditch. Circa 1930.

US paratrooper pendants (V2)

Salvaged green enamel pendants used by the US Army in 1943 during WWII.

British mirrored glass wall lights

Original shop window lighting from the 1930s with a mirror backed glass shade and swan neck wall bracket.

Industrial LED pendant by Simplex

Vintage pendant light by Simplex salvaged from one of the decommissioned Rolls-Royce factory buildings in Derby.

Industrial German factory lights

Salvaged 1930s lights salvaged from an industrial site within Germany.

Vintage American table light (V2)

Salvaged 1950s machinist light from America, manufactured in Chicago by 'Arts Speciality Co.'.

Period hallway lighting

Opaline glass globes and period polished copper galleries. Circa 1950.

Industrial factory lighting by Simplex (V1)

Salvaged from a factory in the UK and manufactured by Simplex, circa 1950.

Salvaged Polish machinists lights

Sensational run of oversized machinists work lights salvaged from a factory in Poland. Circa 1960.

Vintage laboratory table light

1950s enamel shades by British manufacturer 'Benjamin' mounted on salvaged school laboratory apparatus stands.

Superb medical lamp by Hanovia

Imposing medical lamp by 'Hanovia' salvaged from a Victorian hospital in South London. Circa 1950.

Vintage 1930's machinist light by EDL

A two arm wall, ceiling or table mounted machinists work lights with the original green factory finish.

Vintage British machinists light

A three arm wall, ceiling or table mounted machinists work light by 'EDL'.

US Traffic Lights (Type 7)

Reclaimed American traffic lights by 'Midwest Signal Inc' from the 1950s. Converted into a suspended pendant light featuring the original manufacturers branding.

Vintage counterbalance desk light

A 1940s stylish counterbalance lamp with its characterful original black finish.

1950s Czechoslovakian dental lamp

A floor standing medical lamp by 'Chirana', Czechoslovakian manufacturers of dental equipment.

Vintage German railway floor light

A 1950s salvaged railway light from defunct signalling equipment outside of Berlin, Germany.

Vintage Czech opaline globes (V2)

Salvaged 1950s pendant lights from Czechoslovakia, opaline globes with original bakelite galleries.

Opaline period lighting (Type 1M)

Period opaline globes with porcelain and cast iron galleries salvaged from a glassworks in Hungary.

Pendant lighting by Thorlux

Vintage British lighting by 'Thorlux' salvaged from the stock warehouses of established UK retailer John Lewis. Circa 1950.

1950s British desk lamp

Vintage desk lamp with polished aluminum shade, chrome stem and steel base with integral table clamp.

Antique mirrored pendant by G.E.C

A real one-off 1920s antique mirrored pendant by G.E.C.

Desk lamp by Hadrill & Horstman

Original English counterbalance desk lamp by Hadrill & Horstman. Circa 1960.

Vintage rotatable optometrists box (V2)

Optometrists illuminated eye test machine salvaged from an eye hospital in the South of England, UK.

Vintage G.E.C table lamp

Original G.E.C converted medical heat lamp salvaged from British post office. Circa 1950.

Scalloped glass antique lighting (T7)

Mirror backed scalloped glass reflector with swan neck wall bracket. Originally designed as part of a range of reflectors of superior quality designed for the illumination of shop windows

Vintage Holophane floor standing lamp

Impressive Holophane light salvaged from the Rolls-Royce factory in Derby.

Vintage medical therapy lamp (V2)

Converted 1950s vintage medical therapy lamp by British manufacturer 'Watson & Sons of London'.

Industrial Czech pendant lights

Vintage industrial Czechoslovakian pendant lighting, vitreous enamelled reflectors with with original bakelite gallery and glass.

Salvaged Eastern Bloc lighting (V2)

Unusual run of conical Eastern Bloc lights constructed from an industrial derivative of Bakelite.

Hungarian factory shades (MK2G)

Enamel factory lights salvaged from Hungarian industrial sites. Vitreous enamelled reflectors with brushed and lacquered steel lamp enclosure.

British table light by Pifco. Circa 1960.

Retro English heat lamp by "Pifco Infradette" converted to a desk reading light. Polished ribbed aluminium shade with brushed and lacquered cast steel base. Circa 1960.

Opaline hallway pendants

Decorative opaline pendant lights with polished brass galleries.

Czech opaline pendants (V2)

Elegant stepped Czechoslovakian opaline hallway pendants with new period chrome polished gallery.

Vintage rotatable optometrists boxes

Optometrists illuminated eye test machines salvaged from an eye hospital in the South of England, UK.

Vintage industrial lighting

Vintage industrial light salvaged from a factory in the Midlands, UK. Vitreous enamelled spun steel shade with vents to permit uplighting.

Solilux table lamp by Original Hanau

Converted sun lamp with a polished aluminum enclosure, etched glass diffusion screen and thermoplastic stem and base.

Angled Czech factory shades

Vintage enamelled factory shades angled to illuminate a wall or object. Complete with embossed makers mark.

Original medical lamp by 'Nico Galoray'

Converted medical lamp to a stunning table light with a large polished copper shade.

Industrial lighting by REVO

Substantial industrial lighting by REVO salvaged from a chemical factory warehouse. Circa 1930.

Soviet industrial pendant lighting

Soviet era pendants salvaged from the former CCCP. Circa 1950. Polished aluminium enclosure with a glass well and cast manufacturers detailing.

M.O.D. Munitions wall light by 'Victor'

1950s twin bulkhead light salvaged from a decommissioned munitions complex.

Prismatic wall light by 'Victor'

1950s light salvaged from a decommissioned munitions complex.

Vintage industrial lighting by Wardle

Pendant lighting by British manufacturer Wardle salvaged from an electrical sub-station in the Midlands, UK.

Salvaged Czech factory lights

Industrial pendants salvaged from a factory within the former Czechoslovakia. White enamelled reflector and two-part lacquered steel enclosure with prismatic glass well.

Naval passageway lights by Osaka Tokushu

Steel and glass naval passageway lights by 'Osaka Tokushu' salvaged from decommissioned Japanese cargo ships in India. Circa 1950.

Vintage British desk lamp

Original British made converted heat lamp by ‘Soltan’ circa 1960.

Machinists lamp by EDL (V2)

Workshop lamp by British manufacturer EDL. Enamelled shade and steel arms with original factory finish. Circa 1940.

Retro porcelain and glass lights

Large run of unusual hemispherical glass and porcelain lights. Circa 1950.

Vintage Ceiling Lights by 'GEC'

Surface mounted opaline ceiling or wall lights by British manufacturers 'GEC'. Circa 1950.

Vintage lighting by Coolicon

Early English factory shades by 'Coolicon'. Vitreous enamelled spun steel shades with original manufactures label.

Salvaged wall lights by Coughtrie

Original opaline glass swan neck wall lights from the 1950s.

The REVO 'Saferlite'

Early industrial lighting from 'REVO' the original British lighting manufacturing powerhouse of the 1920s to 1960s.

Czech army field lamps (V2)

Substantial run of decommissioned Czechoslovakian Army field lamps. Spun aluminium shade with original worn factory finish.

British table lamp 'The Victor'

1950s vintage table lamp by H & W Victor Ltd with the original factory finish retained.

Vintage table lamp by Perihel

Converted medical therapy lamp by British manufactures 'Perihel'. Twin polished reflectors with copper and brass arms mounted on a brushed steel base.

Vintage floor light by Hanovia

Elegant 1950s converted medical floor light by English manufacturer 'Hanovia'.

US traffic light by Crouse Hinds (Type 9)

Reclaimed American traffic lights by Crouse Hinds from the 1950s. Converted into a suspended pendant light featuring the original manufacturers branding.

Vintage medical therapy lamp (V1)

Unusual converted vintage medical therapy lamp by British manufacturer 'Watson & Sons of London'

Salvaged Czechoslovakian projectors

Wall mounted projectors manufactured by Czechoslovakian company Meopta in the 1940s.

Vintage Eastern Bloc lamps

Vitreous enamelled Eastern Bloc factory shades with original worn factory finish to the aluminium gallery

Industrial Soviet pendant lighting

Vintage Soviet industrial factory pendants from the former CCCP. A steel enclosure with a raw paint finish, prismatic glass well, steel cage and manufacturers branding.

Slovakian vintage industrial lights

Eastern Bloc enamel factory shades salvaged from a decommissioned manufacturing facility in in Slovakia. Circa early 1950.

Industrial pendant lights by REVO

Vitreous enamelled pendant lights salvaged from a British warehouse. Manufactured by 'REVO' with embossed logo and cast detailing. Circa 1930.

Industrial pendant lighting from REVO

Vintage industrial lighting from 'REVO' the British lighting powerhouse of the 1920s to 1960s.

Original floor light by Hadrill & Horstman

Vintage 1960s counter balance floor light by English manufacturers Hadrill and Horstman.

Dunlop Aerospace Factory lights. V1

Stunning run of British enamelled pendants salvaged from the Dunlop Aerospace Factory, Coventry, UK. Established in 1920.

Italian opaline ceiling light

Decorative Italian opaline glass ceiling light circa 1950, with a hidden aluminium mounting bracket.

British enamel pendant lighting

A run of vintage British vitreous enamelled conical shades. Circa 1950.

Industrial lighting by Thorlux

Industrial vitreous enamelled pendant lighting by 'Thorlux' salvaged from the West Midlands, UK.

The Cambridge Recorder

Beautifully restored 'Cambridge Recorder.' Originally utilised as a seven day temperature gauge within a paint works and reinvented as a wall mounted light.

Opaline Ceiling Light

An elegant hallway ceiling light with an interesting glass shade with Art Deco influences. Circa 1950.

Vintage opal Czech pendant lights

Czechoslovakian opal glass pendant lights salvaged from the 1970s.

Vintage opaline lights

1950s hand-blown opaline glass surface mounted lights with salvaged from the former Czechoslovakia.

Vintage porcelain and glass globes

Opaline glass and porcelain lighting. Circa 1950.

Eastern Bloc Fluorescent (V3)

Industrial Eastern Bloc fluorescent pendants, circa 1960, with polished aluminium end enclosures and original glass tube and manufacturers plaques.

English made light by Walligraph

Elegant English table lights by 'Walligraph' Circa 1940. Vitreous enamelled shade with original manufacturers label, steel arms and base complete with cast makers mark.

Period tulip hallway lighting

Elegant tulip opaline glass pendants salvaged from a Welsh Church. Circa 1930.

Vintage angled wall light

Vintage enamelled shade mounted on a polished aluminium wall bracket.

Period stepped opaline pendant

A decorative opaline glass enclosure from the 1930s with an original polished copper gallery.